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At Rowan Center for Behavioral Medicine, we help people reach their full potential by transforming their healthcare experience. We use evidence-based psychological practices and partner with a range of health professionals for seamless and integrated care. Our psychologists provide state-of-the-art therapy for common concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress-management, relationship problems, and phase-of-life issues. In addition, we specialize in health and rehabilitation psychology, providing assistance to patients with medical illnesses and disabilities.

Whether you are facing a challenging medical situation, life transition, or are simply ready to reach your maximum potential, we will provide you with the personal strategies and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Patient Services

We offer a variety of psychological services to help you lead your best life.  We combine that with a tailored approach to maximize the impact on  your health.

Our Approach

Our goal is to work with a variety of providers including psychiatrists, other medical doctors, nutritionists,  and acupuncturists to reach the highest standard of care.

Begin The Journey

Are you ready to begin your journey toward wholeness and healing?  Our evidence-based approach gives you a rich environment to discover the path you seek.

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